About Me

Ordinary Girl, Extraordinary Purpose

Imagine I'm just the regular "girl next door".  I'm  endlessly curious, hopelessly romantic and rigidly fastidious.  There are very few things in life I'm absolutely sure about.  I know that God is in the rain and He's always in the detail.  My mantra is quite simple: "Everybody is your teacher".  I'm an ambivert, pluviophile and when it comes to a personal aesthetic, I'm minimalist at best.   I love rainy days because the sound of many waters is like the voice of God ... they go well with chocolate and wine, they're great for playing a favorite movie, perfect for diving into a new book and most of all, they give the best afternoon naps and deep night sleep.  My dreams are simple, but they are mine and they matter.  My life's ambition is to serve Africa with my God-given purpose through my passions, talents and skills ... growing and connecting with people from every nation in every corner of the world, for the inclusive well-being of all.  

My Quirky Things

I watch fantasy films and comics when I feel a creative block weighing on me. 


I have a safety tic, much like Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper knocking three times ... I check doors, stoves and heaters before I sleep ... three times!

I actually have a stutter but it's gotten better with age...most people can't even tell.

My Favorite Phrases

Dolce far niente - the sweetness of doing nothing .... effortless victory

Indlovu ayisindwa ngumboko wayo - the elephant's trunk does not weigh it down ... whatever life throws at you, it will not defeat you  

Attraversiamo -  dont' settle, cross over ... don't be scared to leave what is comfortable

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